10 February 2018 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

17 February 2018


WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.


In this week’s Top 10 we look at Valentine’s Day, the Stolen Generation, Antartica, animal rights and much more.


1. On Tuesday 13 February it will be 10 years since the Federal Government in Australia apologised to the Stolen Generations for the suffering experienced by Indigenous people by the forced removal of their children. This article from Reconciliation Australia looks at the progress that has been made since this time.


2. So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for those of you who would prefer to show your love every day of the year you might also be interested in knowing something about the billions that people spend on jewellery on this day every year – and where these gems come from. Human Rights Watch has a petition to major jewellery brands calling on them to guarantee that their products are not tainted by human rights abuses such as child labour, environmental practices, health issues, etc.


3. And while you’re in the petition signing mood, Greenpeace is asking for support in their campaign to establish the largest protected area on earth covering the Antarctic. And to get your compassion juices flowing check out the Tardigrades – the toughest animal on earth who lives in Antartica. Pretty cute and definitely worth protecting!


4. It was good news this week for animal lovers (and just anyone interested in basic decency) as Brazil’s live export of 27,000 cows to Turkey was suspended given substantial concerns about how the animals would be treated, and slaughtered. Disappointingly, the ban was overturned several days later. But this article from the ABC provides some very interesting information about the issue of animal rights in relation to exporting.


5. Podcasts are a great way of continuing our learning and there are many excellent ones around. The Conversation has some new podcasts that you can check out – Essays On Air brings you some of the best academic writers who will read interesting essays to you! Check it out before you do your next long drive.


6. Here’s another great idea from people getting together and working collaboratively for change. These folks in the Whitsundays in Queensland have formed a cooperative and set up a solar power plant. They are using a central tower power plant to generate 100-200MW of electricity – enough for around 50,000 homes!


7. If you love maps (and I do!) then you’ll love this TED talk from Danny Dorling, a social geographer who has developed maps based on social data. There is so much interesting information and so many cool maps in this video.


8. Life can be pretty harsh living in the Sahara Desert so Tateh Lehbib Breica decided to try a new idea and has started building houses out of sand filled plastic bottles. As it turns out, they his masters degree in energy efficiency paid off and these houses are far better able to sustain the harsh conditions of the desert.


9. Last year for the first time, UNICEF launched its Climate Cartoon Contest. They received nearly 2,900 submissions from young people from 99 different countries. And the winner is … Sathvigha Sridhar from Chennai in India. Her comic, Light, will be published and released later this year.


10. Byron Bay has the world’s first solar train, launched in December last year. The solar train has been funded by Brian Flannery and his partner after he made his money from the coal mining industry!


Thanks for popping along to our Weekly Top 10 – see you again next week.