12 January 2019 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

12 January 2018
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we visit Brazil, the United States, India, Burkina Faso and many more exciting stories!


1. You may have read about the recent elections in Brazil which were won by the far right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. In this article from The Guardian, the threat of genocide for Brazil’s uncontacted tribes is highlighted. This is a worrying time for these people and this country.


2. The incidence of inequality in Australia is rising and is expected to continue to do so. That makes this recent report from the Australia Institute very important reading. They suggest a way forward to a fairer economy and future for Australia – reducing the influence of the corporate sector in politics, implementing a charter of human rights for Australia, changing the way that federal cabinet considers legislation, and many more great ideas!


3. This year Amnesty International is highlighting the plight of women activists around the world and asking those who participate in their ‘Write for Rights’ campaign to send letters of solidarity to these women. Have a look at these incredible acts of bravery – and write some letters this year!


4. The incidence of hate crimes in the United States is rising. Last month the FBI released some very distressing statistics – a 23% rise in religion based hate crimes and a 37% increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes in 2017. And no surprise that the dominant motivation is far-right ideology which is also on the rise.


5. Vertical University is a crowd funded project that was set up in 2015 to provide educational opportunities for Nepalese people and to protect the habitat of eastern Nepal. In this story from CNN Ganga Limbu tells her story.


6. Not many people have even heard of the African state of Burkina Faso but it is currently under a state of emergency as a result of a rise in jihadist violence. Already many people have died and there are fears that this will lead to an increase in intercommunal violence and a deterioration in the rights of its citizens.


7. Greenpeace has an important petition to tell Woolworths and Coles to end excessive plastic packaging on fresh produce. Pop your name on here.


8. Anna Neistat has worked with Human Rights Watch investigating over 60 of the world’s most dangerous war zones for more than two decades. In this story she provides her insights into a range of human rights issues including Australia’s treatment of refugees on Nauru and her thoughts for the future of humanitarian work.


9. This is a great story about how enriching the experience of hosting a refugee can be. Rachel Mankell is a self-employed management consultant who has been opening up her home to refugees for the past three years.


10. On the 1 January 2019, 5 million women in Kerala, India came together to protest against restrictions that prohibited them from entering Kerala’s Sabarimala temple. Even though the law changed in September 2018 to allow women access to the temple, they have experienced violence from men forcibly stopping them from entering. This demonstrations, the ‘Women’s Wall’, was 620km long and was one of the largest congregations of women in the world!


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