18 August 2018 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

18 August 2018
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we check out some great music, films as well as young people and elephants – and much more too of course!


1. The National Indigenous Music Awards were held in the Northern Territory last week. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu’s album, released posthumously, won three of these awards including Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year. The other big winner was Baker Boy from Arnhem Land, who raps in Yolngu Matha. He won Best New Talent and Film Clip of the Year. Check them out here!


2. Last Saturday, 12 August, we celebrated a couple of important days! Firstly, it was International Youth Day. There were celebrations around the world of the important contribution that young people make. Here’s some of the fearless young leaders that Amnesty International have identified and a feature story on 8 young women who are taking action in their own communities.


3. And secondly, we also celebrated World Elephant Day on 12 August. If you don’t know much about the plight of elephants around the world, and hence the importance of them having their own day, then check out this informative video. And this video is just for the pleasure of watching elephants in the wild!


4. Amnesty International has a current campaign to stop children as young as 10 being detained. There is a petition you can sign to support a change to the minimum age of detention.


5. New Zealand is hot on our heals when it comes to banning plastic bags. The NZ Prime Minister has given supermarkets and shops 6 months to phase out single use plastic bags or face a fine of up to NZ$100,000!


6. One of the unforeseen outcomes of the Banking Royal Commission has been the exposure of the predatory practices of banks who target Indigenous people, placing them at financial risk. The Conversation has a very interesting, and disturbing, feature article about this.


7. We have previously explored stories about retailers in Australia selling fake Indigenous art. First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation is trying to address this issue and bring authentic Aboriginal art to consumers.


8. And some good news now! The Australian government has announced a $25 million program in increase the opportunities for Indigenous girls in science careers. In this article from SBS Karlie Noon, a Gomeroi woman and astrophysicist, talks about her journey to becoming an accomplished scientist.


9. This article from the New York Times talks about some of the most powerful films that were shown this year at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.


10. We leave you this week with the story of Mila Rodriguez, one of the members of Colombia’s Cantadora Network of singers who are using traditional Afro-Colombian music in an attempt to preserve their culture. And just in case you were in any doubt about the therapeutic value of music and singing in particular, check out this video from the ABC as Professor Sarah Wilson talks about what happens to your brain when you sing!


Great to have your company again this week. Look forward to seeing you again next week.