18 March 2017 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

18 March 2017
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place. 
In this week’s Top 10 we visit Canada, Mosul, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen and much more!


1. This is the story of the Eshadi family and the wonderful Canadian people who have ensured they feel right at home in their new neighbourhood. Fortunately stories like this are becoming more common as we welcome those who are fleeing war and persecution.


2. There is new research proving that Indigenous Australians co-existed with megafauna (giant reptiles, marsupials and birds) for over 17,000 years – something that non-Indigenous Australia has failed at.


3. If you love Indigenous music you will love this clip from Lonely Boys ‘Hunter’ combining traditional and contemporary styles – it’s a great clip. And you might want to check out more about the Lonely Boys from their label Skinnyfish Music. They’re a pretty interesting hard rock band from the remote Arnhemland community of Ngukurr.


4. This is a moving story from the UN Refugee Agency about Ahmed Alalousi as he escaped the horrors of Mosul and sought asylum in Finland. He has captured his journey through his photography.


5. In this article from The New Internationalist, the relationship between migration and sweatshops is explored. From the experiences of early migrants in 19th century New York to today it appears that “undocumented migrants are less valued in society, and can therefore be paid less and exploited more, slotting them neatly in to the most precarious industries”.


6. Another great story from the workers at MSF,  this time from the Democratic Republic of Congo as workers share what they do with themselves on their one day off on a typical week.


7.  Indigenous Rangers in far North Queensland are busy restoring the graves of their ancestors. In this story from the ABC, Colon Doughbuoy shares his story.


8. Another interesting story from the MSF workers that shares some insights into the training of nurses in Yemen.


9. The Dalai Lama has some sage advice for everyone concerned about the future of the planet. When asked in a CNN interview if he was concerned about the election of President Trump he replied, “world belongs to humanity”. Here he  offers 5 things that we can keep in our minds as we survive the next four years – taking time to reflect, self-compassion, letting go of anger, serving others and being kind!


10. Let’s go to Canada for a bit of inspiration and good news! The New York Times celebrates not just the amazing leaders in Canada but also the open-hearted and generous citizens who continue to open their homes to refugees. And check out the official government web site welcoming refugees!!


Great to have your company again this week. See you next time!