19 August 2017 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

19 August 2017
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.


In this week’s Top 10 we look at that old chestnut marriage equality, young women leaders, Indigenous girls in prison, Aboriginal meditation and much more!


1. It will be a happy day when WITADA no longer covers stories about same sex marriage in Australia – because it has become a non-issue. But today is not that day. The ABC long-reads has a feature on the issues relating to the vote for marriage equality arguing that it is not as simple as we might think. And the Tiwi Islands group Sistagirls has something to say about it too!


2. Last week we celebrated International Youth Day. Here are six wonderful young women leaders that you might want to know about!


3. Child labour is a significant issue in many parts of Asia. Amnesty International has a campaign to end the use of child labour on palm oil plantations. You can check out their important report, The Great Palm Oil Scandal, and also sign their petition to stop child labour in these plantations.


4. Amnesty International is shining a light on Indigenous girls in prison highlighting their abuse in detention – “girls are very much the hidden face of kids in prison, and their invisibility increases the potential for abuse and discrimination”. You can sign this important petition here.



6. This is a fascinating read from the ABC exploring the ways in which Indigenous culture might help those with mental health issues in the general population through the Aboriginal meditative practice known as Dadirri – deep listening and silent awareness. Miriam Rose Baumann from Nauiyu south of Darwin is sharing her culture and spirituality with people all around Australia.


7. When innovation comes together with a desire for a better world, it’s a grand thing! And these amazing tech-women are the real deal. They have founded a group called ReDI School of Digital Integration which is a not for profit IT school for asylum seekers based in Berlin. “The purpose is to accelerate the refugees’ integration into German society and industry,” she says. “We are trying to create a win-win-win situation. Good for refugees, good for business, good for society.”


8. 15,000 young people in Kyrgyzstan are coming together to prevent violence and build a society based on gender equity and diversity. They share their stories in this inspirational article.


9. Fancy a nice biryani on a Saturday evening? Well Amnesty International’s new series – Cooking with Refugees – has got the recipe for you! In Biryani with the Al Janabi’s the family shares their story and their recipe.


10. And this week we’ll leave you with a bit of poignant satire in the shape of Tim Minchin and his ‘I Still Call Australia Homophobic’.


Great to have you with us this week and look forward to sharing our Top 10 with you all next week.