19 January 2019 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

19 January 2018
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we look at human rights issues, climate change, Australia Day, and much more.


1. Human Rights Watch has just released their World Report 2019 – it is their annual review of human rights around the globe and it is a sensational read and reference guide for all of us to refer to throughout the year. You can find the full report here.


2. The Climate Council has some bad news for Australia. We are now officially among the worst emitters in the world! Our greenhouse gas pollution levels have been rising and are now at all time highs.


3. The 2019 Blueprint for Free Speech prize was awarded on Wednesday to Dr Nick Martin who was a doctor on Nauru and blew the whistle on the terrible medical neglect of refugees and asylum seekers on the island.


4. As Australia Day approaches Amnesty International has a petition to change the date and make it a day we can all share.


5. The Conversation has a great article about the contentious issue of citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day after Scott Morrison announced that he would force councils around Australia to hold these ceremonies on the 26 January. Many councils around Australia have indicated that they will hold their citizenship ceremonies on a different day out of respect for Indigenous people.


6. And continuing on this theme, here is an article from The Guardian written by Luke Pearson who argues that the issue is no longer about changing the date because Australia’s treatment of Indigenous people is so appalling we don’t deserve to party on any day of the year!


7. War broke out in Liberia 28 years ago. In October 2018 the United Nations peacekeeping mission ended as a result of successful democratic elections and a new phase in the country’s post conflict recovery. This is a great story about a country that has risen from the ruins of conflict.


8. The Conversation has another great series of articles, this time on Hidden Women of History. Check out Caterina Cornaro, the last queen of Cyprus, Hop Lin Jong, a Chinese immigrant in White Australia, Theroigne de Mericourt, a feminist revolutionary – and many more incredible women.


9. And we have to make special mention of this great story just released in this series – Ruby Lindsay was one of Australia’s first graphic designers! Check out her story and her amazing designs here!


10. Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun has gained a lot of public attention over the past few weeks as fled the abuse in her home country. Now as she is settling into her new home in Canada she has shared some of her hopes to inspire other Saudi women to be ‘brave and free’. In this article she is interviewed about her experiences by The Guardian’s Hannah Ellis-Petersen.


Great to have you with us again this week!