2 December 2017 – New, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

2 December 2017
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we look at Australia Day, eliminating violence against women, some great music and videos and much more!


1. Congrats to triple j and the ABC for acknowledging the complex issues around Australia Day for many in Australia. The decision to move the Top 100 Countdown  to 27 January has certainly been met with mixed reactions. Reconciliation Australia has reminded us of the reasons why this day is not the right day to celebrate Australia. Even Henry Reynolds agrees, in this excellent article in The Conversation.


2. Sarah Dingle and Wendy Carlisle were the winners of the Amnesty International Media Awards in the Radio category. Have a listen to their tune, ‘Death in Kalgoorlie’. It “investigates the racism, disadvantage and dysfunction surrounding the killing of an Indigenous boy by a white man in a rich mining town”.


3. Last Saturday, 25 November, marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This article from Human Rights Watch looks at the current state of the women’s rights movement.


4. Joumanah El Matrah has an interesting and useful perspective on today’s terrorism. In her article in The Guardian she suggests that “today’s terrorists are mostly troubled and isolated young men with a history of violence. Their only intention is to make their attacks – and themselves – matter”.


5. Isaiah Dawe is the first ever Indigenous student to become the TAFE NSW Student of the Year. He has also won the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander of the Year Award. Isaiah has had a difficult journey having been removed from his family as a baby and then experiencing abuse in care. NITV has shared his story.


6. This is a great little video from The World Economic Forum via Upworthy with a group of Afghani young women who are proud that they are not ‘good girls’ – but only because they are defying tradition and attending University and proudly fighting for their rights and for equality for all women.


7. The ABC has run a feature series on domestic violence and religion. In the first part they have looked at domestic violence and Islam and in part two, domestic violence and Christianity. Some of the insights they share are shocking – and so important to be made public.


8. Rebuilding after the devastation caused by Boko Harem in Nigeria has not been easy. The United Nations Development Program features some of the community’s achievements in this feature story – with wonderful photos of this beautiful land.


9. Amazing Canada again. This time Vancouver has managed to get 50% of their citizens to stop using their cars. About 50% of trips are now taken on foot, bicycle, or on a transit vehicle (including a sea bus!!).


10. Here is a wonderfully inspirational story to end our week. The Edinburgh Remakery is a community hub where people can come and learn how to fix different things like furniture, IT things, mending clothes etc – rather than throwing everything away that could actually be easily fixed. What a terrific idea!


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