23 December 2017 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

23 December 2017
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.


In this week’s Top 10 we highlight some of the great ways you can spend your festive season – reading, listening, viewing and all the while, doing some social action!


1. What a great way to start our Top 10 holiday edition – the wonderful Judi Dench is behind the BBC documentary, My Passion for Trees. You can access it on BBC for free for the next 27 days. Definitely good holiday viewing!


2. So here’s some great reading ideas for the holiday! Ann Morgan has put together a literary journey through 196 countries! It comes from her TED talk – ‘My year reading a book from every country in the world’.


3. Check out these great books about Indigenous issues – 10 Important Books on Indigenous Cultures, Histories and Politics.


4. And just a few more reading ideas! Amnesty International has a list of 7 books with literary heroes who stand up for human rights! Add them to your list!


5. Oh and just one more reading idea – some amazing books written by Native American authors!


6. Holidays are a great time to catch up on those important TED talks that you’ve missed this year. This talk by Lloyd Pendleton looks at an innovative approach to homelessness – the Housing First approach.


7. Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. In this interview with Carvell Wallace from The Guardian, he talks about his work with the UN and his new story Sea Prayer – and his hopes for a better world.


8. Settle in with a cool drink and listen to the latest offering from our friends at Desert Pea Media – a new song from the young people at Walgett Community College.


9. And just a little more reading, some suggestions from our friends at The Australia Institute with their essential reading list for 2017.


10. And finally, the festive season is as good as any time to reflect on all that we have and to be grateful for that. So this TED talk from David Steindl, Want to be happy? Be grateful, might help stimulate our end of year reflections on gratitude.


Wishing you all a very happy festive season.