3 March 2018 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

3 March 2018
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we visit the UK, the US, South Korea, and much more!


1. Here are some beautiful images to start our weekly Top 10 this week. These photos and stories come from the Great British Welcome photography exhibitioncreated by Aubrey Wade from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. “The series’ aim is to show not just how the lives of someone being forced to flee their country can change but also how a hosts can too.”


2. Human Rights Watch has a feature story about the amazing social movement being created by students in the wake of the latest gun violence in the US. Seems like young people might be our best hope for change – as if we didn’t already know that!


3. To celebrate women in sport, UNWomen have a feature on six amazing women athletes who are definitely headed places!


4. If you’ve got a spare hour, have a listen to Peter Yu’s ANU Reconciliation Lecture – Reconciliation, Treaty Making and Nation Building. “In this year’s lecture, Peter challenged the audience to shake off complacency and demand more from our nation’s leaders.”


5. The power of community and connectedness seems to be gaining momentum as the results of the Compassionate Frome Project start appearing in journals. The basic idea is that community support and engagement can reduce physical and mental health issues and related costs. This article in The Guardian UK provides a snapshot of the results and they are impressive!


6. Good news in South Korea as they announce the end of their tortuous 68 hour working week policy! It’s now been reduced to 52 hours in the hope it will improve birth rates and overall quality of life!


7. The Yangani school in Uganda opened in February this year to cater to the thousands of South Sudanese refugees who are wanting to continue their schooling. Uganda has over two million refugees from South Sudan and over 60% are children. The Ugandan government has been incredibly generous giving them plots of land and access to a range of government services like education.


8. This article from The Conversation features the amazing work of Brazilian feminists who launched their #MeuPrimeiroAssedio (MyFirstHarassment) in 2015. It got over 82,000 tweets talking about sexual harassment in the first five days and has now spread across Latin America as #MiPrimerAcoso.


9. Here’s another piece we can add to the ongoing debate about a basic income. In Toronto Canada they have just completed a pilot project to see how a guaranteed basic income might impact on health, education and housing for people living in poverty. No surprise – the early results show great outcomes!


10. To end our week, we leave with you an amazing version of one of the most beautiful peace songs ever written – One Day by Matisyahu – where Jewish and Muslim people gathered to sing together in the name of peace. Grab your tissues and let the love shine in!


And happy Mardi Gras to all! See you next week.