30 September 2017 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

30 September 2017
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.


In this week’s Top 10 we return to Myanmar and Bangladesh, India, Ramallah and much more!


1. This film is a must see – ‘Namatjira’ tells the story of the Namatjira family and their struggle to regain the copyright of Albert Namatjira’s art work after the Australia government sold it to an art dealer in 1983. The film is showing around Australia at the moment.


2. The situation in Myanmar and bordering Bangladesh continues to get worse as security forces in Myanmar engage in what appears to be ethnic cleansing of the Rohyingya population. Amnesty International and Oxfam are asking for donations to assist in their work supporting refugees arriving in Bangladesh – nearly half a million refugees have arrived already with more to come


3. India has got serious about solar power and is spending $2.5 billion to ensure all houses have electricity by the end of 2018. They are putting resources into increased solar and battery storage. Great news!


4. The One Stop Centre in Ramallah, Palestine opened in April 2017. It provides much needed services for survivors of violence 24 hours a day. And already it has provided services for more than 400 women and young people.


5. Did you know that humanitarian migrants are who have arrived in Australia are more likely to start their own businesses than skilled migrants arriving here? And according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is the construction industry that is motivating these creative business people! And there is more research to suggest that refugee-run businesses are contributing to regional areas in a range of important ways.


6. Got little ones in your family and keen to buy them some reading material for Christmas? Then go no further than the Amnesty International list of Human Rights Reads for Kids and Young Adults!


7. The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre has posted 35 things you can do right now to help refugees – and it’s a pretty handy list!


8. There is some exciting stuff happening at Ntaria School in Herrmannsburg with the classroom converted into a multicultural design studio where young people are combining traditional art forms with modern technology. “From collecting objects out bush, to utilising inspiring stories from their own country and culture, they’ve adapted the world’s oldest heritage with the newest technologies. Working on iPads, students have created digital drawings to be printed on a range of merchandise.”


9. Drought and famine have been constant features of 2017 in Somalia. The Guardian has a photo essay that illustrates the desperate situation for so many Somalias.


10. Here’s a great story about Paul Talbot’s ‘dental van’. He goes into remote areas and makes a new set of teeth for those in need. “He’s part of a public health revolution that’s costing less and delivering far more to Aboriginal dental patients.”


Great to have your company again this week.