4 March 2017 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

4 March 2017

WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place. 
In this week’s Top 10 our feature story focuses on the celebration of Mardi Gras and LGBTI people’s rights. We also celebrate World Wildlife Day, free range eggs, and some wonderful images of our beautiful world!


1. As Sydney celebrates Mardi Gras tonight, Helen Davidson from The Guardian reviews where we are up to in LGBTI rights in Australia.


2. There are over 70 countries in the world where being openly gay is illegal and can result in punishments as severe as death. The Guardian has a list of the most difficult places in the world to be gay or transgender – and also a hopeful note that even in some of the most repressive regimes, progress is slowly being made.


3. This is a lovely story from the United Nations Refugee Agency about Subhi, a Syrian refugee, who has found his home, his partner and his freedom in California. “Walking down the street while holding hands with his boyfriend could have gotten Subhi tortured and killed in his hometown of Idlib, Syria, where he says hardline militias target gay men and execute them.”


4. There are some beautiful stories being shared by those attending the Mardi Gras celebrations tonight. Penny and Janet are one of the few legally married gay couples in Australia and they share their story. Steve Warren share his reflections on marching in every Mardi Gras parade since the celebrations first began in 1978! And a group of Tiwi Islanders are making their first trip to Mardi Gras! The eight members of the Tiwi Island sistagirls will be on the Northern Territory float and are pretty excited about the event!


5. Yesterday was World Wildlife Day and the theme this year is ‘listen to the young voices’. “Given that almost one quarter of the world’s population is aged between 10 and 24, vigorous efforts need to be made to encourage young people, as the future leaders and decision makers of the world, to act at both local and global levels to protect endangered wildlife.”


6. Clinton Pryor is walking from Perth Canberra to protest against the forced closures of Indigenous communities. In this story from The Guardian in December 2016, Clinton had made it to Uluru and he’s on his way to Canberra to confront Malcolm Turnbull about these issues.


7. The US has left a horrible legacy of unexploded bombs in Laos and New Internationalist explores the impact of this 40 years on.


8. If you share a love of all living things, and you like your eggs, this article from Choice magazine is essential reading. Apparently ‘free range’ can have lots of different meanings and not all free range eggs really respect the rights of the chickens to roam free. So this list tells you which ‘free range’ eggs are meeting the standard.


9. We have featured some of Andrew Quilty’s amazing photography in previous editions of our Top 10. In this article from The Guardian he features his photographs of the war in Afghanistan since December 2013.


10. In celebration of World Wildlife Day we leave you with a beautiful video from BBC One with images from our wonderful natural world, narrated by the David Attenborough.


Thanks for your company again this week – and happy Mardi Gras celebrations to you all, wherever you are!