Get Involved in WITADA

There are several ways that you could get involved in WITADA.

We have a Facebook page where all of our new blogs are posted. Pop along and start a discussion about any of the stories that you read there. This is where you can have your say.

The WITADA stories are an important part of WITADA. We are hoping to encourage lots of people who are committed to social change, to share their stories and their ideas. We hope that our stories will inspire others to develop their vision for the world and to act now to make some changes.


There is a little survey designed to help you write your story about social change and what you think and dream about. There are three sections of questions for you to respond to. You can write as little or as much as you like. We will then create a story from your words and pop it up on our site. You can be anonymous or use your name (not necessarily your full name or even your real name!). If you would like to have some contact with us first, just send us an email and we’d love to chat.


If the survey doesn’t sound right to you there are other ways that you can be involved and share your story. Write a brief (1000 words or less) story about what you think and dream about and we will publish it on the web page, submit some poetry or art work that speaks to your vision for change, write a shared story from your organisation or group, Just contact us here and we would love to chat more with you about your ideas.


Please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement to find out all the technicalities about what happens to your information.


Finally, we would love to hear any ideas that you have about how we can make this a better and more informative site for you. Send us an email if you have some comments or suggestions.