Let’s Change the World: What do you think and dream about?

When I was quite young and I saw a falling star or blew the candles out on a cake, I would always make the same wish. I would wish that every person in the world could feel about themselves the same as someone who really loves them. I wished for this because I believed that it would lead to a better world for everyone. I believed that it would end all violence. I knew even back then that violence is caused by people’s pain and the lack of a positive sense of self.

I really do think and dream about a world where misuse of power is not tolerated and where people are more often than not, compassionate and non-judgemental of themselves and others. I don’t believe that happy people hurt others at least not without remorse and reflection on how to change and do things differently.

I believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we live and the emphasis placed on profit and greed over human kindness and fulfilment. I want apathy to be replaced with agency, greed to be replaced with generosity, and judgement to be replaced with understanding and compassion.

I believe that there is something very important about living a purposeful and intentional life – not just drifting along and living unconsciously, but actually taking change of our lives and making the most of every moment. Unlike all other species we have the capacity for conscious awareness, to understand why we do what we do and therefore to change things if we like. But I don’t believe that we use this capacity to its fullest. For me, this capacity for conscious awareness and reflection means that things can change, that we can make changes in our own lives and in the ways that we all live together.

One of the things I have hoped and dreamt about is that there could be a place where people who share this passion could come together to develop their ideas and eventually translate them into meaningful action. I used to think that Universities could be this place but some years ago I realised this was no longer the case. Since then I’ve been searching for the best way to do this and it is my hope and dream that WITADA might be that place. I believe it is only through deepening our understanding of the complexity of issues of injustice that we will find effective actions to change them.


So I wonder what it is that you think and dream about when it comes to creating a more peaceful and equitable work. For me the important thing is to become aware that change in necessary and that we can begin to think about a different way of living together. And then we can let ourselves dream about what is most important to us and how we might make some steps, even small ones to creating some change. Serious social change will take all of us – not doing the same thing but doing our own thing in our own way. There is no right or wrong answer  to these deep and difficult questions, but there just might be lots of answers and lots of solutions and lots of ideas and together these might create a momentum that leads to sustainable and meaningful change. But at the very least you and I will be doing something, we will be doing what is in our power today to make the world a better place and for me that is a life well lived.


So let’s change the world together!