Welcome to the WITADA Blog

Document_2013-09-21_14-12-14 (1)About a year ago now I decided to pursue an idea that I have had for a long time – to create a space where I, and others, could explore ideas to do with social change. For the past year I have looked at different ways of doing this but at times my ideas have been a little too grand!! So in the interests of getting things going I have simplified the concept of WITADA and today sees it’s official launch into cyberspace.

This is a very low cost affair – I have designed and built the web page myself with the assistance of my very talented and generous nephew, Joel. The forum has been developed by Louise who is my collaborator in many things. Louise and I have had many discussions about WITADA and she has been my sounding board as I have developed my ideas and dealt with my frustrations. At this stage it is just us although we hope to expand and develop as time goes on and interest (hopefully) grows. It is my dream to eventually set up a research centre that could providing seeding research grants (and even more) to researchers who are interested in generating knowledge on issues to do with social change and who are finding that traditional research funding sources are not amenable to their ideas. It certainly seems to be the case in our increasingly conservative environment that those who fund research are interested more in the financial profit and status to be gained rather than the potential benefits to the community’s sense of well-being. At one time (when I was an academic) this was the role of Universities but this is clearly no longer the case, at least not in my home town. And I also have a dream that WITADA might include a digital publishing house that focuses solely on promoting and publishing writings in the area of social change.

But for now, this is a good place to start.

I so hope that those of you who are interested in these issues might become involved in this little project. I would love for WITADA to collect 1000s of WITADA essays and to have vibrant and exciting forum discussions. I have never subscribed to the idea that change can occur from just one perspective or person and I am certain that these complex issues will need many of us to put our heads together if we are going to generate some new and sustainable solutions. So your contribution is very welcome here and I look forward to what might be possible if together we can put our hearts and heads and souls into creating a more peaceful and equitable world.

So welcome to the WITADA blog space. I hope to hear from you and see you around the web page.