13 July 2019 – News, Stories and Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

13 July 2019
WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place.
In this week’s Top 10 we look at the end of NAIDOC Week, some important hints for how to help the refugee crisis, women in science and much more!


1. We’re nearly at the end of NAIDOC Week 2019. The theme for this year has been Voice. Treaty. Truth. It’s all about working together for a shared future. But most importantly is the recognition that Indigenous people have always wanted, and had a right to, a role in decision making about the future of Australia.


2. You might want to check out the National NAIDOC Awards – some wonderful people being recognised for their hard work. And we always love the poster competition with this year’s winner – Charmaine Mumbulla whose work Awaken was judged to best capture the spirit of the themes of the week.


3. And here’s some good news – a recent poll has shown that the majority of Australians want Indigenous recognition and a voice in parliament for Indigenous people. And a majority also support the idea of a treaty.


4. Victoria is leading the way in Indigenous reconciliation with the election of a group of people, the First People’s Assembly of Victoria. This brings Victoria another step closer to an Indigenous treaty.


5. National Geographic has a great story on what it means to become a refugee including informative legal definitions.


6. And there are now 70 million refugees in the world with little international help to find permanent resettlement options. So SBS News has some tips on how we can tackle the problem.


7. Temperate grasslands in south-eastern Australia are under threat from urban expansion and the impacts for the environment are massive. These grasslands, that look like empty paddocks, hold a diverse range of flora and fauna and are crucial to the survival of many endangered species.


8. UNICEF has been working with women and girls around the world to promote the role of women in science. Here’s some great stories about their progress.


9. This is some serious inspiration – the story of dancer Ahmad Joudeh who grew up in a refugee camp and is now a successful Netherlands-based dancer.


10. And finally today, if you are so inclined to do some whale watching this season you might want to check out the first ever Indigenous-owned whale watching venture from the Quandamooka people of the wonderful Stradbroke Island! They are called Yalingbila Tours and they’re up and running now.


Great to have you with us again today for our Top 10. Unfortunately we’ll be off on an extended break for a couple of months after next week while another project gets off the ground, but we’ll be back!! And stay tuned for our Top 10 next week where we feature the climate crisis with some interesting and disturbing stories.