WITADA’s Weekly Top 10 – 18 April 2015

18 April 201518 April 2015


WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place. 


In our Top 10 this week we look at some disturbing findings about the Australian fashion industry, some great street art and good news about women welders in Kosovo – as well as many other interesting stories.


1. The Age has reported on the disturbing situation in the Australian fashion industry exposed in a recent report, The Australian Fashion Report, produced by Baptist World Aid. These concerns relate to low paid workers in countries such as Bangladesh and comes on the second anniversary of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse where more than 1100 workers died.


2. The Guardian has reported on the changes made in Glasgow as it has halved its murder rate through a program called the Violence Reduction Unit. The program was designed to tackle knife fighting and gang crime and did this by focusing on the inequality that breeds violence. For reasons unknown (but that appear to be related to loss of political will and funding) the program was discontinued in 2011.


3. Check out these amazing pieces of street art – all about social change and injustice.


4. Human Rights Watch report on the systematic rape and sexual assault of Yezidi women and girls from Northern Iraq by Isis rebels. HRW interviewed a number of women and girls who have now fled to Iraqi Kurdistan and are in need of psychological support and assistance.


5. New Internationalist has published an article on India’s cotton farmers and the impact of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds, which have largely been a failure and not delivered the promised high yields.


6. The UNDP Exposure this week highlights the work being done in Haiti to improve the ability to respond to the challenges of climate change, particularly in relation to its impacts on coastal areas. As usual, there are many beautiful pictures and interesting information in this story.


7. We didn’t have the space to include this story last week but it’s message is important so we have added into this week’s top 10. Professor Francesca Happe is professor of cognitive neuroscience at Kings College London and in this article she looks at our social perceptions of mental health issues and developmental disabilities such as autism and the ways that we as a society lack empathy and understanding about these issues. This is an excellent article about some very important social issues.
And a related story from Human Rights Watch about children and young adults with intellectual disabilities and the discrimination they suffer.


8. Some of you will have seen this story floating around on Facebook but it seemed significant enough to include here. Dan Price has decided to take the redistribution of wealth into his own hands and has reduced his salary to allow the 120 employees of his company to earn the same amount – an amount deemed to make a big difference in people’s lives and happiness levels. Imagine the world if this idea caught on!!


9. Tanja Dacevac is a 32 year old women from Kosovo who has challenged the tradittional views of women by becoming the first ever woman welder in her country. What a woman!


10. For those times when you’re feeling old and worn out, this talk by Rachel Sussman, who researches living organisms that are a minimum of 2,000 years old, will put a spring back in your step! There are some truly beautiful photographs here as she combines art with science and environmental concerns.


Thanks for popping along to read our Weekly Top 10. Hope to see you again next week.