WITADA’s Weekly Top 10 – 22 August 2015

22 August 201522 August 2015


WITADA’s Weekly Top 10: News, stories and ideas to make the world a better place. 


In this week’s edition of the Top 10 we look at a single sex village in Kenya, issues of rape in war, some musical inspiration, World Youth Day and lots more.


1. This would surely shake up any Australian. The Sydney Morning Herald has just published an interactive tool that shows the ratio of our refuge population to our wealth – for a host of countries around the world. Australia ranks 70th our of 140 countries. Check out the tiny yellow dot on the map – that’s Australia! The data comes from the UNHCR Global Trends report 2014.


2. As many of you will know, rape and sexual assault are a disturbing and common feature of war and civil unrest. And there are a number of news articles this week about sexual assault and rape. The Guardian has a story on Isis and the culture of rape within this group. UNICEF has a disturbing report on the incidence of rape in Iraq and the Central African Republic. In Paraguay a child who was raped and became pregnant as a result has been denied an abortion with Amnesty International reporting that the child has just recently given birth. And the UNDP features the story of Fatuma who is the survivor of gang rape in Somaliland.


3.  In a neat little segue, The Guardian has an interesting feature story on a village in Kenya, Umoja, that was originally set up as a safe place for survivors of sexual assault and has now become established as a single sex community.


4.  Amnesty International shared a timeless photo on Monday 17 August – 40 years since Gough Whitlam poured a handful of soil from Daguragu in the hands of Vincent Lingari – an elder from the Gurindji people as s symbol of the return of their land.


5. In case you need some musical inspiration sometime here is a list from Amnesty International of the top Songs for Social Change.


6. The United Nations Development Program has a feature story on work they are doing, Exposure, and this edition, Restoring Land, Nurturing Young Leaders, features their work with young people in Nepal. Young people are favouring city life over farming because of employment opportunities but this is having a huge impact on society. As always with these publications, both the stories and the pictures are impressive.


7. Last week (12 August) saw celebrations around the world for World Youth Day. In this story by the UNDP,  the issue of disaffected youth in Africa is addressed. They discuss the critical issues of employment, migration and radicalisation and their impact on young people.


8. The organisation GiveDirectly has received a massive boost to their funds with a $25 million donation from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna. GiveDirectly operates on a poverty reduction scheme where cash is directly given to poor households, mostly in the African countries of Kenya and Uganda.


9. This young woman, Hadiqua Bashir, is a teenage activist in Pakistan’s north-western Swat valley and she is trying to end child marriage in her community. BBC News did a feature story on her recently.


10. Finally the first ever Native American Woman has been appointed as a Federal Judge. Diane Humetewa, a member of the Hopi tribe, was confirmed 96-0 by the US Senate to serve on the US District Court for Arizona. She is the only woman to have ever served and only one of three Native Americans in history to do so.


Great to have your involvement in our Weekly Top 10. Look forward to sharing more news, stories and ideas to make the world a better place next week!